This page will be periodically updated with FAQ’s related to the current coronavirus outbreak and how it may affect our members at work. If you have a question that isn’t covered he please contact the branch using the details on our Contact Us page.



  • I’m not being provided the correct PPE to protect me at work – what do I do?

    If you believe you are not being provided with the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) contact the branch immediately and we will take this up with your employer as a matter of urgency. You can contact us using the details on our Contact Us page

    We also ask that you fill in the form on the UNISON national website to provide a broad overview of the PPE situation in the health sector and enable us to hold policy makers to account. CLICK HERE

  • I am showing potential coronavirus symptoms – will I still be paid while I self-isolate?

    If you work directly for the NHS, you will still be on full pay during while you self-isolate.

  • How much will I be paid while self-isolating if I work in the private sector?

    If you would normally get full pay while off-sick, then you should get full pay while you self-isolate. Employers cannot arbitrarily decide to reduce sick pay to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), which is £94 per
    week. You will only SSP this if there is no other provision for sick pay in your contract or in the employer’s normal sickness policies.

  • Do I need a sick note from my GP to self-isolate?

    If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, you do not need a note from your GP to self-isolate. If your employer insists on having proof, phone NHS 111 for an isolation note.


  • I am not symptomatic but I have been advised that I should self-isolate, what should I do?

    If you employer has an Occupational Health service (as all NHS Trusts do) you must contact them for a risk assessment and follow their advice.If your employer does not have an Occupational Health Service, speak directly to your line manager about the possibility of self-isolating. If it is possible to work from home, engage them on making arrangements for this.

    You should not risk disciplinary action by self-isolating without getting permission from Occupational Health or your manager. However, if you believe your employer is being unreasonable please do hesitate to get in touch with UNISON via the contact details which can be found on our Contact Us page.