Vacant branch officer posts 2019

Vacant Post nominations open

Following on from the Lincolnshire Health branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 there are a number of vacant branch officer posts. You can find a full list of these below.

Where there is a contested election, candidates will be invited to submit a short statement, and an all member postal ballot will be conducted. The deadline for nominations to be received is 5pm on Monday 20th May 2019

To download a nomination form and guide to all the Vacant branch posts 2019 please clcik here


Vacant branch officer posts

Health & Safety Officer
Communications Officer
International Officer
Labour Link Officer*
Young Member’s Officer
Retired Members Officer**
Membership officer

Vice chair
Assistant Branch Secretary
Vice treasurer
Education Co-Ordinator
Lifelong Learning Co-Ordinator
Equality Officer
Women’s officer

*Only Labour Link/APF contributors can stand for, and nominate for the post of Labour Link Officer. Labour Link Officers MUST themselves also be full members of the Labour Party.
**Only retired members can stand